Proposal: Mapping in Musical Scholarship

Click here to view the video of the workshop.

I am interested in hearing your perspective if you use, or would like to use, a GIS (geographic information system) in your work as music librarians, archivists, historians and scholars. I’ve taught some basic mapping workshops to undergraduates, graduate students, teaching faculty, and librarians. I’ve also attended workshops on QGIS and CartoDB, the first being a free and open source desktop application, the second an online mapping tool with a generous free tier. I’m mainly interested in cities, historical data and maps, and of course creating beautiful visualizations. I’d be happy to lead a basic workshop to take us through the steps of conceiving a spatial project, converting a spreadsheet into a map, and querying data. Alternately, I’d enjoy hearing from you about your mapping work or ambitions, and how it helps you to tell a story, find patterns, support data discovery by the public, create spatially linked records, reach new audiences, or just have fun. Please comment below if this sounds appealing to you.

About Francesca

I'm the digital humanities librarian at Rutgers-New Brunswick. I am currently working on an assessment methodology for digital sound archives using an alternative metric (Twitter data) coupled with citation analyses. I am also conducting a few text markup projects involving digitized resources in RUcore, a Fedora repository, to explore the complementary functionality of Omeka. My interests include digital pedagogy, audio preservation, textual and libretto studies.
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5 Responses to Proposal: Mapping in Musical Scholarship

  1. Laura Gayle Green says:

    I’d be interested in this! I have a research project that might be a good candidate (or not) for this application. THANK YOU for the offer!!

  2. Mary Brower says:

    I’d also be very interested!

  3. Nick Patterson says:

    I’d be interested in this! I’m a newbie to using GIS, but see many possibilities for music projects. Thanks for offering.

  4. Kathleen DeLaurenti says:

    I’m also really interested in how you can leverage GIS data/mine it from other applications. How do you identify potential apps and how do you figure out those APIs, what data to get, etc….

  5. Francesca says:

    Video of the session available here:

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